Pythagoras’ numerology

17-part video tutorial by Anita Viszlay


My name is Anita Viszlay. I am a numerologist, holistic speaker and writer from Hungary.

Viszlay Anita

I have been teaching the secrets of numbers for nearly a decade and a half. Tens of thousands of people listen to my presentations in Hungarian language on my YouTube channel, in which I interpret in a holistic approach what happens to individuals. In Hungary I have published three books and a holistic response card.

Titles of my books:

THE ELEVEN SECRETS – Compass Of Destiny
THE GREEN CARD OF GRACE- Answer card (51 cards)

Viszlay Anita


My book on numerology, „DO YOU KNOW YOUR DESTINY?” published in Hungarian in 2023, topped the bestseller list of the biggest Hungarian bookstore for several weeks. /in the online-esoteric category/

This book is scheduled to be published in English in 2025 in e-book form.

Viszlay Anita


In the past years, I have taught the complete system of the Pythagorean Numerology to hundreds of people in Hungary and abroad. So far my courses have been available only in Hungarian, but thanks to modern technology, the 17-part basic course will soon be available in English. In the near future the 13-part advanced course will be available in English as well.

….Those who have learned numbers have understood their destiny and themselves….

In the 17-part video tutorial Pythagoras’ Numerology, I teach the complete system of the Pythagorean numerology from the basics to the complete destiny analysis. The tutorial package consists of 17 separate but sequential seminars, averaging 50-60 minutes each. So even with 60 minutes/day spent on learning, in nearly two weeks, students will gain an ancient, spiritual knowledge that will enable them to easily explore their own and others’ lives, opportunities, future directions, and answer questions that other systems have not answered.

No basic numerical or esoteric knowledge is required for this tutorial, as I start from the very basics, teaching you the meaning of numbers and work my way up to the numeroscope, i.e. personality and destiny analysis. In the videos I show examples, matrices and formulas that students can can easily follow at home. Due to the fact that in the videos I teach the system to a live audeince, the viewer of the course can feel as if they were part of the live seminar.

How is my course different from traditional numerology?

In this 17-part course, I teach you everything that is covered in the Pythagorean system of numerology. Pythagoras was an ancient Greek mathematician and avatar who left us a wonderful system. Pythagoras never wrote down his secret knowledge, he only passed on his philosophies to initiated priests and priestesses. This KNOWLEDGE has been preserved for the modern day by word of mouth. This knowledge is now brought to you in 17 educational videos. This is the basic course in NUMEROLOGY.

Pythagoras' numerology
17-part video tutorial by Anita Viszlay

What is covered in the 17-part video course?

  1. The character numbers: your characteristic, what are you like, why are you the way you are, and what makes you lose your calm. We can find out what basic numbers we are born into and we can identify our own functioning, our driving force, our goals, our work area, our relationship workings, our relationships with others, our financial situation, our patterns, our programs. So we will no longer resent and forcefully override the programs within us, because during this course we will realize that we were not given certain beliefs and programs by accident. They are not coincidences, they are there to be understood and recognised, then accepted, and finally to be peacefully contemplating our own world, for which numerology provides an amazingly accurate crutch.
  2. Destiny numbers: we can find out what are the destiny tasks/assignments entrusted to us and how, by what means we can get to the „good” way of living our destiny. The most amazing thing is when, at the end of the course, many people say: „But I am living my destiny without knowing the mathematics of numbers…” This is the great miracle, that the soul knows exactly what its commitment is and that we have not deviated from it for a single minute, but now a system confirms it.
  3. The matrix: nine areas of life to learn about how people work, their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. In other words, what we are good at and what we are weak at. What is important to us and what is less important. After mastering the matrix system, students will be able to look into anyone’s matrix and easily see who they are dealing with. The nine areas of life are: ego, relationship, love, communication, work, childbearing, family, self-development, health – illness analogies, financial status and spiritual abilities.
  4. The pyramid: we change every nine years. Everyone starts a new cycle, which can mean new actors, new plans, new situations, even a completely new job or place of residence. In deeper terms, we move to a new level of consciousness. But where and why, and especially when? These are the most common questions from listeners. This can be accurately calculated and explored using the number pyramid, which I demonstrate through many examples in the tutorial, so that we can easily prepare for our new cycles and not be caught unprepared by the change.
  5. The personal years: not only do we enter a new cycle every 9 years, which usually involves a major change, but every year, on our birthday, our lives enter a new field of energy. Each year has its own themes, which mark our personal years irrespective of the fact that we know about it or not. But if we know them, preparing for and accepting them will be easier.
  6. Relationship Dynamics: one of the most exciting parts of the training package is when students learn to calculate their compatibility with another person. Two number formulas are actually the code for two people. If you can read this code, you can immediately see who you are dealing with, what you are dealing with, what to expect, what to expect between two people, what the emotional or mental basis of a connection is. Do you even have something to do with the other person? Once you learn relationship numerology, you will never force anything that is not in the numbers. At the same time you will wait with joy and patience for what is coded in the numbers ie. in the BIG PLAN!
  7. Spiritual Laws and Balancing Techniques: through the training package, each person will be able to identify themselves with a „set of numbers” for which I will suggest many techniques, methods and teachers, so that each person can easily find the experts, writers, teachers and methods that fit their personality, making it easier to self-develop, find the spiritual path or balance using methods and teachings that are really their own.

The 17-part training package can only be purchased as a whole, as the chapters build on each other. No single part can be left out to ensure that the whole system is understood and used responsibly.

The expected release date of the training package in English is autumn 2024.

You will be able to start the 17-part course by purchasing a password. The training will take place on the training platform of my website. You can access the 17 tutorial videos from any device at any time.

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You are welcome for a special journey…:
Anita Viszlay

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